What is it.

I am Paul of Xavier School.

I adore being with my friends. I think that my friends consider me being friendly and cheerfull. Why you ask? well since I guess thats the way I am…

I enjoy playing sports specifically cycling. Well i’m basically fine with any sport. None in particular.  Some of my talents as I may say is in cycling. I’m basically fond of cycling which I think grew up with me. I occasionally compete and do stunts which in my opinion is my talent.

Apart from being a student, some of my accomplishments in life are: First of all, graduating from xavier grade school. Being able to get honors in some of the quarters during my grade school life and lastly, being able to partake in a Xavier Education.

Here are some pictures which in my mind, best describes me! Enjoy 🙂

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Oh and also, since I got bored, why not show you guys the paper house I made in simple steps:

1). Get at least 2 sheets of newspapers

2) First form the first newspaper into a crosswise triangle

3). roll up the second newspaper

4). try to make the triangular shaped news papers stand up

5). Stuff the rolled paper inside to help it stand

6). Add other designs to make your home truly a unique and special one!



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