IB Bootcamp Day 1

On our first day of IB, we were questioned on what traits of a learner we strongly agree and disagree too… Most of them I fail to adhere to. Here’s some of the three traits I would want to improve on the most. 

Being an open-minded person for me is a crucial aspect to have especially when joining is IB program. Open mindedness as they call it concretely affects the decisions you make giving you more perspectives to appreciate leading to better decisions and outcomes. One of the ways I could be open minded is by simply appreciating the opinions of different people, but most importantly by respecting the different mind-sets of each and every person. 
Another trait that serves importance in being an avid learner  is being a risk-taker. Having a win-win situation as they say. Taking risks serves an importance into opening the gates of knowledge which is vital for an IB learner. To be a risk-taker, I have to be confident on myself and most importantly have trust in my surroundings to make these possible. 
Last but not the least, being balanced. It’s important to manage yourself balancing different things making the most of everything. As the saying goes, too much of something is bad which is why we should learn to maintain a balance creating a successful learner. Some ways to balance yourself is through managing your time properly together. 
Through these hopefully I could be a better learner in this IB program. 

SOP Day 3

With the final week of SOP, mixed emotions entered me… since this might be the last time I see Carlo and maybe, this would be the last time he would see me. It’s amazing how much love a little kid can give you, and how much hooked you get to them.


So this day of the SOP, we wanted to make it memorable… We began by playing with the kids (which they utterly loved) throwing them around in the air and playing “taya” with them which they simply enjoyed. The reaction on their faces was simply priceless. We then went inside, sharing our stories and I loved the fact how Carlo would always sit on my lap like a kid whenever we shared stories. We then went to the last part having our final meal and feast… which was very hard for me. It didn’t help at all knowing that one day these kids might be taken by their parents again which would be good for them, but not so much for me. We ended bidding our farewells and I wasn’t able to stop myself from thinking of Carlo even after the SOP had gone by.


I found the SOP to be a very reconciling and redempting event. It was sad hearing the story of these people and It’s sad how there are people who aren’t as fortunate as us. I felt like this SOP was in it’s way a Eucharist with the Lord. Just like how the Lord gives his presence to us in the Eucharist, I was able to give Carlo my own guiding presence and Carlo was able to give me presence. I was able to feel God in his stories and how God works in his life. It may only mean a bit for me, but I know that my presence to Carlo made him really happy and have gratitude. You could simply see it in his face, how he loved a visitor most especially someone who gave him happiness! Carlo was also like a shining star to me, teaching me how to be responsible and most especially making me realize how the Lord is present in everyone, most especially in Carlo’s eyes how he was able to guide me and give me an invisible presence up until now. I found this experience also a time to thank the Lord, since I was able to thank the Lord for such a gratifiying event and how Carlo was able to feel gratituted and thanks for the experience that just passed. Together, we were able to show our gratitude and love indirectly by sharing stores… which I found really gratifying. I was also able to realize how the Lord thanks us, giving us each owns presence which in itself means a lot.


I look forward to another experience like this and Hopefully Carlo, “I Shall return” One day I’ll go back and give you that loving presence you always wished for.

SOP Day 2

This saturday, during my SOP which incase you guys were wondering is “Saturday Outreach Program” where we basically go to a foundation and help people there. I was excited to meet these kids again, but most of all excited to meet my partner Carlo! It’s amazing how much fun could be packed in such a little boy.

This week it was gonna be a sportsfest… Playing Playing Playing. We began once again meeting our happy little kids, we straightforwardly were greeted by the kids playing in the playground from then on… we knew that this SOP wouldn’t be that easy. I was really happy that I was able to play with my partner and we were able to bond and share stories about his family, etc. Also I was finally able to experience how it was to give a kid a piggy back ride. Man how tiring it was. We played soccer, played on the swing, ran around on the slide and challenged their larger brothers in boys town!

I found this day of SOP not only tiring, but also a time for me to repent. I felt really sad, talking to my partner hearing how story and how his parents left him in the Boys town due to poverty. Speaking with Carlo, I was able to realize how God was always present in his life. God was always there for him, showing his presence indirectly giving him help and helping him especially when his Mama and Papa weren’t there anymore beside him. Carlo always carried a rosary which for me showed his faith in the Lord and showed the Lord’s indirect pressence in his life. Everytime I see Carlo, most especially when we’re eating I realize how my pressence in his life, which seemed nothing to me meant something really big to him. In a way, I realize how I am like the Lord who guides his sheep and carlo being my sheep, I was able to guide him and give him a sense of appreciation which he also gave me.

SOP Day 1

With the vision of the school, of it’s students being men for others… we were tasked to visit each with our mentoring groups to visit an association which would need our guidance. For me, this seemed like a daunting task but would be possible together with my friends.

So we set on our journey, early in the morning. 7 to be exact. Finding ourselves on our way to boys town. As we were driving going there, we were faced with mixed emotions wondering what it would be like to meet these kids. Once we arrived, we were greeted with happy children, children who were running around and having a blast simply by themselves. We began the day introducing ourselves and I finally met my partner, Carlo who was active and “aspiring to be taller,” like his kuya as he said. We began with drawings and creating origami which the kids enjoyed. After which, we began playing outside which for me was really challenging since these kids were like monsters in the playground :D. Lastly, we ended the day with a prayer and the most anticipated of all…. KFC!!! It’s astonishing how much these kids enjoy food and how their appetite is way larger than mine 😛

Tune in more posts the next weeks! Hoho! Enjoy!

Philippines, A Unique Place


And so, my conquest begins again, armed with an iPad and myself, I had to make a video about the Philippines.

The Philippines, a place where ends never meet and endless possibilities happen. I wanted to promote the Philippines not as a corrupt and unruly country but as a country that could be respected, one that has roots and most importantly FOOD, which was the main topic of my video.

To help me in making this video, I had first made a script and the contents of it are listed below:

Time: 30 seconds

Part of Video




Cool, catchy and attention catching sound effects, with voice over of tittle.

Me introducing myself.

” Hi guys’ Paul here, ” quote a Filipino line” today I’m gonna talk to you about why a love the Philippines, but most importantly about the wide variety of foods”

Tittle of the video blog.

Video of myself talking and introducing myself as a person who is nationalizing the Philippines.

Talking head view. Included transitions

Time: 30 seconds


Filipino music or Filipino folk type of music.
Voice over. Eg. The Philippines is nice because …

“Sisig, also known as pork brain is one of the most known Filipino dishes for its good flavor and taste.”

“Lechon is one the best dishes that Filipinos have to offer, Lechon combines a crispy skin and wonderful flavors into one magnificent meal.”

“Puto is one of the favorite dishes of Filipinos, it tastes sweet and has a variety of flavors”

Images of talked about topic. And subtitles of text.
Eg. Picture of traditions and places to go to.

Transitions will be shown to fix the flow.

Sisig, Puto and Lechon image will be shown.

Time: 30 seconds


Talking head/ sound of me talking.
Music for the credits.

” Now you know what dishes are the best here in the Philippines, this not only makes it fun in the Philippines, but also delicious in the Philippines”

Talking head video of me.
Credits and sources.

 And armed with this script, I set forth to make this video. I had a particularly hard time at first picking the words that I was gonna say but in the end, with the guidance of this script and my knowledge on the traditions of the Philippines, I was able to make this video.
Enjoy! and Watch 🙂



So, During School, we were tasked to create a video, but with a catch we had to use the phrase “Sino Ka” and so our conquest began.

We first started by making a script as shown in the picture below.

Sorting out the Audio and Video, we were truly able to benefit in the coarse of the video so generally, taping this was easy and free flowing. Also with making the story board, we were able to properly manage the taping of this amazing video.

So the first thing we did was took a long shot of the scene which was the patio in xavier school. The reason why we did this was so that we could emphasize on the background and surroundings of the character as to add effect. Then during the next scene, we did a MS or medium shot as to not only show the character, but also show the environment and how it affects the character. Then lastly, when the iPad was dropped, we did a close shot to emphasize on the recurring emotions in the character, and also to show the damage done to the device. In the video, we added sound effects like “Phone Ring” and “Climax” found on iMovie to further emphasize and show emotion to the video

The script that we made truly was a big help to the production of this video. Making this script at first was able to help us into narrowing down the ideas that we made and coming up with a fun yet feasible idea to do for our video. After brainstorming and making this script, This script then provided as a story board to help us in the process of making the video, what angle to take it from, long shot or near shot etc. this script was able to provide for a bountiful session in making this video. The script that we had made also was able to help us when we were editing our video, we looked at the script subsequently to make sure that what we were making and also what we had made was correct, and not something out of this world… It helped us in editing by providing clear analysis of what sound effects to put and also what transitions to put not only to make the video look good, but also to provide deeper emotion upon watching the video. So my advice to guys out there, aspiring directors and cameramen, MAKE A SCRIPT. Even though the task of making a script/ story board and also a universal script following the Audio and Video formats, may be daunting… trust me in my words that making a video script will not only make your lives a lot easier, but will also make the outcomes of your works a lot more persuasive to your audience but also there would be a general meaning and a free flowing idea in your own videos. So trust me guys as I and my computer teacher always says: MAKE A SCRIPT!!

anyways, time to relax after looking at that long essay. OH LOOK! An Awesome video link down there!

WATCH WATCH WATCH 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS2KuhpEtoE

Paper Wonder.

In line with the upcoming earth month, and also with the epidemic of global warming growing, I asked my self, PAUL! is it possible to have fun and at the same time not harm the earth? I said to myself, OH YEAH!!!! NEWSPAPERS!! BAZINGA!!!! and so there I began my conquest into making the most beautiful and astonishing news paper house.


1). Get at least 2 sheets of newspapers

2) First form the first newspaper into a crosswise triangle

3). roll up the second newspaper

4). try to make the triangular shaped news papers stand up

5). Stuff the rolled paper inside to help it stand

6). Add other designs to make your home truly a unique and special one!

Enjoy what your mind brings you to!!!!