IB Bootcamp Day 1

On our first day of IB, we were questioned on what traits of a learner we strongly agree and disagree too… Most of them I fail to adhere to. Here’s some of the three traits I would want to improve on the most. 

Being an open-minded person for me is a crucial aspect to have especially when joining is IB program. Open mindedness as they call it concretely affects the decisions you make giving you more perspectives to appreciate leading to better decisions and outcomes. One of the ways I could be open minded is by simply appreciating the opinions of different people, but most importantly by respecting the different mind-sets of each and every person. 
Another trait that serves importance in being an avid learner  is being a risk-taker. Having a win-win situation as they say. Taking risks serves an importance into opening the gates of knowledge which is vital for an IB learner. To be a risk-taker, I have to be confident on myself and most importantly have trust in my surroundings to make these possible. 
Last but not the least, being balanced. It’s important to manage yourself balancing different things making the most of everything. As the saying goes, too much of something is bad which is why we should learn to maintain a balance creating a successful learner. Some ways to balance yourself is through managing your time properly together. 
Through these hopefully I could be a better learner in this IB program. 

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