SOP Day 3

With the final week of SOP, mixed emotions entered me… since this might be the last time I see Carlo and maybe, this would be the last time he would see me. It’s amazing how much love a little kid can give you, and how much hooked you get to them.


So this day of the SOP, we wanted to make it memorable… We began by playing with the kids (which they utterly loved) throwing them around in the air and playing “taya” with them which they simply enjoyed. The reaction on their faces was simply priceless. We then went inside, sharing our stories and I loved the fact how Carlo would always sit on my lap like a kid whenever we shared stories. We then went to the last part having our final meal and feast… which was very hard for me. It didn’t help at all knowing that one day these kids might be taken by their parents again which would be good for them, but not so much for me. We ended bidding our farewells and I wasn’t able to stop myself from thinking of Carlo even after the SOP had gone by.


I found the SOP to be a very reconciling and redempting event. It was sad hearing the story of these people and It’s sad how there are people who aren’t as fortunate as us. I felt like this SOP was in it’s way a Eucharist with the Lord. Just like how the Lord gives his presence to us in the Eucharist, I was able to give Carlo my own guiding presence and Carlo was able to give me presence. I was able to feel God in his stories and how God works in his life. It may only mean a bit for me, but I know that my presence to Carlo made him really happy and have gratitude. You could simply see it in his face, how he loved a visitor most especially someone who gave him happiness! Carlo was also like a shining star to me, teaching me how to be responsible and most especially making me realize how the Lord is present in everyone, most especially in Carlo’s eyes how he was able to guide me and give me an invisible presence up until now. I found this experience also a time to thank the Lord, since I was able to thank the Lord for such a gratifiying event and how Carlo was able to feel gratituted and thanks for the experience that just passed. Together, we were able to show our gratitude and love indirectly by sharing stores… which I found really gratifying. I was also able to realize how the Lord thanks us, giving us each owns presence which in itself means a lot.


I look forward to another experience like this and Hopefully Carlo, “I Shall return” One day I’ll go back and give you that loving presence you always wished for.


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