SOP Day 2

This saturday, during my SOP which incase you guys were wondering is “Saturday Outreach Program” where we basically go to a foundation and help people there. I was excited to meet these kids again, but most of all excited to meet my partner Carlo! It’s amazing how much fun could be packed in such a little boy.

This week it was gonna be a sportsfest… Playing Playing Playing. We began once again meeting our happy little kids, we straightforwardly were greeted by the kids playing in the playground from then on… we knew that this SOP wouldn’t be that easy. I was really happy that I was able to play with my partner and we were able to bond and share stories about his family, etc. Also I was finally able to experience how it was to give a kid a piggy back ride. Man how tiring it was. We played soccer, played on the swing, ran around on the slide and challenged their larger brothers in boys town!

I found this day of SOP not only tiring, but also a time for me to repent. I felt really sad, talking to my partner hearing how story and how his parents left him in the Boys town due to poverty. Speaking with Carlo, I was able to realize how God was always present in his life. God was always there for him, showing his presence indirectly giving him help and helping him especially when his Mama and Papa weren’t there anymore beside him. Carlo always carried a rosary which for me showed his faith in the Lord and showed the Lord’s indirect pressence in his life. Everytime I see Carlo, most especially when we’re eating I realize how my pressence in his life, which seemed nothing to me meant something really big to him. In a way, I realize how I am like the Lord who guides his sheep and carlo being my sheep, I was able to guide him and give him a sense of appreciation which he also gave me.


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