SOP Day 1

With the vision of the school, of it’s students being men for others… we were tasked to visit each with our mentoring groups to visit an association which would need our guidance. For me, this seemed like a daunting task but would be possible together with my friends.

So we set on our journey, early in the morning. 7 to be exact. Finding ourselves on our way to boys town. As we were driving going there, we were faced with mixed emotions wondering what it would be like to meet these kids. Once we arrived, we were greeted with happy children, children who were running around and having a blast simply by themselves. We began the day introducing ourselves and I finally met my partner, Carlo who was active and “aspiring to be taller,” like his kuya as he said. We began with drawings and creating origami which the kids enjoyed. After which, we began playing outside which for me was really challenging since these kids were like monsters in the playground :D. Lastly, we ended the day with a prayer and the most anticipated of all…. KFC!!! It’s astonishing how much these kids enjoy food and how their appetite is way larger than mine 😛

Tune in more posts the next weeks! Hoho! Enjoy!


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