Philippines, A Unique Place


And so, my conquest begins again, armed with an iPad and myself, I had to make a video about the Philippines.

The Philippines, a place where ends never meet and endless possibilities happen. I wanted to promote the Philippines not as a corrupt and unruly country but as a country that could be respected, one that has roots and most importantly FOOD, which was the main topic of my video.

To help me in making this video, I had first made a script and the contents of it are listed below:

Time: 30 seconds

Part of Video




Cool, catchy and attention catching sound effects, with voice over of tittle.

Me introducing myself.

” Hi guys’ Paul here, ” quote a Filipino line” today I’m gonna talk to you about why a love the Philippines, but most importantly about the wide variety of foods”

Tittle of the video blog.

Video of myself talking and introducing myself as a person who is nationalizing the Philippines.

Talking head view. Included transitions

Time: 30 seconds


Filipino music or Filipino folk type of music.
Voice over. Eg. The Philippines is nice because …

“Sisig, also known as pork brain is one of the most known Filipino dishes for its good flavor and taste.”

“Lechon is one the best dishes that Filipinos have to offer, Lechon combines a crispy skin and wonderful flavors into one magnificent meal.”

“Puto is one of the favorite dishes of Filipinos, it tastes sweet and has a variety of flavors”

Images of talked about topic. And subtitles of text.
Eg. Picture of traditions and places to go to.

Transitions will be shown to fix the flow.

Sisig, Puto and Lechon image will be shown.

Time: 30 seconds


Talking head/ sound of me talking.
Music for the credits.

” Now you know what dishes are the best here in the Philippines, this not only makes it fun in the Philippines, but also delicious in the Philippines”

Talking head video of me.
Credits and sources.

 And armed with this script, I set forth to make this video. I had a particularly hard time at first picking the words that I was gonna say but in the end, with the guidance of this script and my knowledge on the traditions of the Philippines, I was able to make this video.
Enjoy! and Watch 🙂



So, During School, we were tasked to create a video, but with a catch we had to use the phrase “Sino Ka” and so our conquest began.

We first started by making a script as shown in the picture below.

Sorting out the Audio and Video, we were truly able to benefit in the coarse of the video so generally, taping this was easy and free flowing. Also with making the story board, we were able to properly manage the taping of this amazing video.

So the first thing we did was took a long shot of the scene which was the patio in xavier school. The reason why we did this was so that we could emphasize on the background and surroundings of the character as to add effect. Then during the next scene, we did a MS or medium shot as to not only show the character, but also show the environment and how it affects the character. Then lastly, when the iPad was dropped, we did a close shot to emphasize on the recurring emotions in the character, and also to show the damage done to the device. In the video, we added sound effects like “Phone Ring” and “Climax” found on iMovie to further emphasize and show emotion to the video

The script that we made truly was a big help to the production of this video. Making this script at first was able to help us into narrowing down the ideas that we made and coming up with a fun yet feasible idea to do for our video. After brainstorming and making this script, This script then provided as a story board to help us in the process of making the video, what angle to take it from, long shot or near shot etc. this script was able to provide for a bountiful session in making this video. The script that we had made also was able to help us when we were editing our video, we looked at the script subsequently to make sure that what we were making and also what we had made was correct, and not something out of this world… It helped us in editing by providing clear analysis of what sound effects to put and also what transitions to put not only to make the video look good, but also to provide deeper emotion upon watching the video. So my advice to guys out there, aspiring directors and cameramen, MAKE A SCRIPT. Even though the task of making a script/ story board and also a universal script following the Audio and Video formats, may be daunting… trust me in my words that making a video script will not only make your lives a lot easier, but will also make the outcomes of your works a lot more persuasive to your audience but also there would be a general meaning and a free flowing idea in your own videos. So trust me guys as I and my computer teacher always says: MAKE A SCRIPT!!

anyways, time to relax after looking at that long essay. OH LOOK! An Awesome video link down there!


Paper Wonder.

In line with the upcoming earth month, and also with the epidemic of global warming growing, I asked my self, PAUL! is it possible to have fun and at the same time not harm the earth? I said to myself, OH YEAH!!!! NEWSPAPERS!! BAZINGA!!!! and so there I began my conquest into making the most beautiful and astonishing news paper house.


1). Get at least 2 sheets of newspapers

2) First form the first newspaper into a crosswise triangle

3). roll up the second newspaper

4). try to make the triangular shaped news papers stand up

5). Stuff the rolled paper inside to help it stand

6). Add other designs to make your home truly a unique and special one!

Enjoy what your mind brings you to!!!!